Communiqué International is an international consultancy firm that provides technical assistance for  investment promotion and for well over a decade.Our team of leading specialists brings a comprehensive and integrated approach to supporting overall policy and strategy development, agency capacity building, and executive training and development.

The team has more than 20 years’ experience of practical hands-on implementation in their specific area and have completed projects of varying sizes and complexity across the developing regions of the world.

Our approach to delivering measurable results to clients is based on the following:

We take a practical approach – each specialist has over 20 years of practical application experience.

We integrate – working in partnership with host country teams to create synergies.

We create sustainability – combining organisation capacity building with management development.

We are holistic – working across agencies and programmes to break down silos.

We are a team – we plan as a team, we prepare as a team and we deliver as a team.

We have worked with and successfully assisted clients in Africa, The Middle East, Central and South Asia, Latin America, The Caribbean, and Eastern Europe. These projects have been funded by the World Bank, International Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union, United Nations Conference of Trade and Development, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, Governments, IPAs, Economic Zones and Muncipalities.

Our approach to these projects is unique. Our world class team is made up of senior practitioners with experience working in some of the world’s most successful IPAs. The team utilises this wealth of knowledge and the cross-sectoral backgrounds of its members to develop bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs and circumstances of each client.

Communiqué’s client relationships are underpinned by the principles of Exceptional Client Care which ensures proactive engagement, speedy response and attention to detail.