FDI Attraction

Attracting FDI was always an extremely competitive task worldwide.  As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, it has become much more challenging.  FDI worldwide declined by 42% in 2020 (UNCTAD) making for a smaller market. FDI in some sectors has decreased dramatically while it has increased significantly in others.  International companies are now changing their investment strategies with new trends towards increased nearshoring, regionalisation, localisation and shorter supply chains.

At Communiqué International, we help countries and regions to attract, retain and grow FDI. The goal is sustainable economic growth and more and better jobs for citizens. Our FDI team has been attracting, retaining and growing FDI both as staff members of IPAs and subsequently as consultants on FDI around the world. We bring international best practices, methodologies, tools and techniques on how to do this. We modify these approaches to the particular circumstances of individual countries and regions in a way that enables them to differentiate themselves from competitors.

We are uniquely well placed to:

  • Identify which sectors have the best potential to attract FDI to a country or region taking account of the implications for FDI arising from the pandemic
  • Help the IPA to develop a robust investment promotion strategy that will resonate with potential investors
  • Align the institutional structure and strategy for successful execution
  • Identify the most appropriate and cost-effective incentives to attract FDI
  • Build consensus with public and private stakeholders and win support from them for the FDI strategy
  • Advise on coordinating with other government agencies and the private sector to help develop domestic suppliers to win business from existing and incoming foreign investors in the country
  • Provide staff with tried and tested methodologies to attract, retain and grow FDI
  • Build the persuasive communication skills of investment promotion staff

Our handpicked, world class team of FDI practitioners has experience of working with some of the world’s most successful IPAs, on every step of their FDI journey.

We do not outsource this work to temporary external consultants, we do it all ourselves. And everything we do is aimed at differentiating our clients from their competitors in what is a crowded market.


Examples of projects undertaken by Communique International Team members:

Sector prioritisation analysis, FDI strategy, market outreach implementation
Donor: IADB
Beneficiary: Invest Dominica Authority

FDI strategy, institutional capacity building
Donor: World Bank
Beneficiary: Board of Investment, Sri Lanka

Training in international best practices in FDI attraction and retention
Donor: None
Beneficiary: Invest Lithuania

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