A strong and vibrant SME and micro business ecosystem is recognised as being one of the most critical elements of a successful industrial and economic development policy.  These firms act as a key driver supporting and contributing to sustainable job creation, new export activity and GDP growth.

In successfully adapting to today’s rapidly changing circumstances, small and micro enterprises face multiple challenges and opportunities – issues such as adopting digital technologies, meeting required environmental regulations and standards and framing business models to successfully meet the post pandemic environment.

Internationally, these firms encompass an extremely wide and diverse ecosystem which requires targeted Government and State policies and programmes conducive to the promotion of a robust business environment tailored to the specific circumstances and ambitions of SME’s and micro enterprises.

Communique International helps support policy makers meet these objectives.  We have deep domain expertise in both the development and the practical implementation of programmes that promote and support SMEs and micro enterprises.  In particular, we understand the institutional requirements to strengthen Governments’ capabilities in creating world-class SME supports.

Our team of practitioners has been involved at all stages in the development of an agency’s capabilities to support firms through the start-up stage through to becoming well established entities thus helping to maximize the potential of the sector to contribute to overall economic development.

We bring proven international best practice methodologies, tools and techniques to the sector.  These include:

  • Developing programmes designed to support, promote and foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Supporting the development of key management skills needed to develop a robust SME sector
  • Developing policies designed to support the supply of well-trained personnel
  • Promoting a range of export supports focused on the internationalisation of SME’s and micro enterprises
  • Advising on fund raising strategies (including commercial and micro funding, venture capital and development agency supports)
  • Facilitating linkage programmes
  • Advising on the structure, organization and role of a development agency focused on SME and micro enterprise development

Examples of projects undertaken by Communique International Team members:

Development and Implementation of strategies to proactively support the internationalisation of SME’s
(Donor: Government of Ireland).

Programmes to support the attraction of high tech SME’s into a high technology business park in Chisinau, Moldova.
(Donor: USAID)

Strategies to support the development of Klaipeda, Lithuania as a hub for enterprise investment.
(Donor: Klaipeda Enterprise Development)