About Us

Communiqué International is an international consultancy firm based in Dublin, Ireland that provides technical assistance in investment and trade promotion to global clients – national, regional, metro, SEZ’s etc.

Our team of leading specialists brings a practical, experience-based approach to vitally important dimensions of policy development, strategy, institutions and capacity building.

Our unique proposition is that each member of our team is a highly experienced practitioner having worked in world-renowned investment and trade promotion agencies including IDA-Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, ProChile and Innovation Norway. Subsequent to working in investment and trade promotion agencies, team members have engaged in multiple projects across the globe for virtually all the leading donor organisations. These include World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union, OECD, United Nations Conference of Trade and Development and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation. Communique International has also collaborated with major contractors on projects in a number of locations worldwide.

Our team has worked with and successfully assisted clients of varying sizes, complexity and stages of development in Africa, The Middle East, Central and South Asia, Latin America, The Caribbean, and Europe.

The team has deep experience in all aspects of support for the internationalisation of economies and can provide practical and meaningful advice in multiple areas. Each member of our team is an acknowledged expert in one or more of the three key components of economic  development that we support and are especially strong in: