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Eamonn Sheehy

Eamonn Sheehy has extensive experience in developing and implementing strategies in FDI, SME development, innovation, and cluster building together with capacity building for governments, IPAs, and municipalities.

During his 38 year career with IDA Ireland Eamonn was involved with the development and implementation of new industrial development strategies, marketing, attracting foreign investment, creating linkages between foreign and local SMEs, implementing aftercare programs and building regional and industry clusters. He played a key role in developing and implementing strategies in education and training, research, development and innovation which are widely acknowledged as key to building a knowledge economy.

He has provided advice, mentoring and capacity building training to national and regional IPAs in over 20 Developing World countries since 1990. Key assignments have included designing and implementing new differentiated investment strategies and structures, as well as training key Government, IPA and Municipality staff in developing and implementing new national and regional industrial development strategies.