18 August 2016 Category: Report Analysis

In 2015, global FDI flows jumped by 1/3 reaching almost US$ 1.7 billion, the highest level since 2007.

However most of this growth was accounted for by an intense wave of cross-border mergers and acquisitions mainly in developed countries and led by the US.

While FDI flows to developed countries grew by 90% in 2015, developing countries recorded an increase of only 5.3%, and economies in transition saw a sharp contraction of 55%.

The increase in flows to developing countries is accounted for mainly by higher inflows to developing Asia (15%), while FDI flows to Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean fell by 31% and 9.1%, respectively. (Source UNCTAD)

Table – Global foreign direct investment inflows, rates of change and distribution by region, 2006-2015 (Billions of dollars and percentages)