Executive Development

National investment promotion agencies are in direct competition with other countries and regions for valuable investment. When a potential investor is weighing up their options among the most important considerations is the relative capability and professionalism of the investment promotion agencies involved.

International investors are accustomed to dealing with the very best in the world and therefore have extraordinarily high expectations of the agencies they deal with, regardless of the country or region involved. Any failure to meet those expectations can result in a negative investment decision.

This places a premium on the skill levels and capabilities of an IPA’s key staff and its leadership team in particular.

Among the many challenges faced by IPA leadership teams in this regard are:

  • High rates of leadership rotation
  • High levels of staff turnover
  • Onboarding IPA management from other organisations
  • Changing political landscapes
  • Recruiting the people with right skill
  • Definition and development of specific investment promotion strategies

Failure to meet these challenges can have catastrophic consequences for an organisation. The resultant loss of efficiency inevitably lowers morale with a negative impact on competitiveness.

Communiqué’s executive development programmes are designed to help organisations meet these challenges and become more efficient and more competitive in winning foreign direct investment in the process.banners_executive_development

The dynamics of managing an IPA are unique, and our consultants have decades of experience of working in and working with highly successful IPAs as well as with agencies that are in the early stages of their development. We design programmes tailored to match the developmental stage of the organisation and the skills requirements of its leadership and management teams.

Our focus is on individual personal development whether that involves working discretely with IPA leadership on a one-to-one basis or with managers in small groups. We use a combination of challenging exercises, facilitated discussion and expert tutor input to ensure maximum benefit to participants. We ensure that there is a real and measurable change in capability and skills gain among all participants in our programmes.